Best Commercial Cleaning Supplies For 2018

Best Commercial Cleaning Supplies For 2018

Start The Year On The Right Foot: The 7 Best Commercial Cleaning Supplies For Keeping Your Home Or Office Safe From The Flu And Other Germs

Must Have Janitorial Supplies And Cleaning Products For Home Or Office

The workdays of employees would quite be hazardous and unhealthy if objects and surfaces in the workplace are not cleaned and disinfected regularly. A dirty work environment and office will likewise not feel comfortable for visiting customers, neither will it speak well of such business.

As a small business owner, the well-being and safety of your clients, as well as the employees through a clean and healthy work environment should be given top priority. A clean work environment will not only keep you workers happier, healthier, and more creative but will also reduce the spread of germs and limit worker’s absence due to illness. Consequently, this will influence the overall output of the business in a good way and make both your clients and employees feel safe.

The result of a research conducted by Harvard and Syracuse Universities attest to the fact that an improvement on just the air quality of your workplace can influence the overall performance of the employees positively.

The impact of a clean and safe work environment cannot be underestimated as it can give you a competitive advantage over others. With the right cleaning supplies around as well, you can be sure of an effective performance and a guaranteed safety of your workers all day.

If you are into small business, then you should invest in commercial-grade cleaning supplies for the offices and work environments as this will not only be beneficial to your employees but also your customers.

Below is our review of the top 7 commercial cleaning supplies that can really be handy and useful for small businesses that want to ensure a clean and healthy work environment for their clients and employees.


Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A well-recognized primary mode of transmission of most diseases that are highly infectious is our hands. And for so many work environments with shared break rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, as well as close workspaces, employees are at higher risk of getting and transmitting germs and dangerous infections from different surfaces through touches.

Consequently, an infection outbreak amongst workers can lead to unplanned absenteeism, and this will negatively affect the overall productivity and profitability of such business in a long run.

It is therefore pertinent that employers address and eliminate illness-related absences from their small businesses by helping their employees maintain a good hygiene in the work environment through the provision of infection control hand sanitizers.

Having Purell Hand Sanitizers around and available to your employees in the work environment will provide a measure of defense against infectious germs that can lead to the absence of workers due to illness. And overall, you will be able to maintain the desired productivity level for your small business.

Purell has been a trusted and reputable brand producing quality hand sanitizers for a long time with clinical proofs that attest to the effectiveness of her products, and the Purrel 1450-D8 Es system is just another highly-efficient and advanced commercial-grade hand sanitizer dispenser that can protect your employees from germs while at work.

The advanced Purrel 1450-D8 commercial hand sanitizer comes in a white and gray wall-mounted cartridge dispensing system and includes a refill cartridge. A single squirt of the Purell Hand Sanitizer is as effective as several squirts from other hand sanitizing products, which makes the product the best option for small businesses looking for commercial cleaning supplies to get rid of germs in the workplace.


According to infection control practitioners, there is quite a huge difference between “clean” and “disinfect”. An understanding of the true meaning of these terms is as good as being able to tell the difference between life and death. In healthcare, a facility may look “clean” but may not be safe and disinfected. If it is disinfected, however, it’ll be clean and safe as well.

A good practice for the prevention of the spread of diseases amongst employees, however, is to disinfect non-porous surfaces in the work environment on a quarterly basis. Non-porous facilities in the work environment include plastic surfaces, glazed porcelain, walls, floors etc. and the healthiest treatment for them is disinfection.

Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner is a hospital-grade product and a neutral pH germicide which is capable of controlling massive outbreaks of bacterial infection and disease-causing viruses that can be found on non-porous surfaces. This disinfectant can get rid of all dirt including grime, dust, fungus, mold, organic matter, mildew, water-based soil bacteria, viruses, etc. and it complies with California’s Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limits.

Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner is a highly concentrated and economical liquid formula that works like a charm against these harmful micro-organisms. A bottle of this product can be diluted to produce up to 256 gallons of the disinfecting solution without a reduction in its quality or power. The disinfectant also has a good scent that will leave the environment smelling nice after use.

If you are really concerned about preventing the spread of diseases at work through non-porous surfaces, Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner is well up to the task!


Mopping the work area and the offices each day can really be time-consuming and stressful, especially when you have a large number of rooms to clean. Sometimes, things can even get messy when you have to scrub a dirty floor. We won’t say cleaning is fun, but you can ease the stress if you have the right mop at hand in any of these moments.

The Rubbermaid Mop Head is just another easy-to-use tool on our list of commercial cleaning supplies that ensure an effective mopping with the least amount of effort. It is a built with top-quality construction for maximum durability and it is sold in 6 packs. Since the mop is washable and reusable, its green nature and eco-friendliness will help in reducing the global carbon footprint.

Rubbermaid Mop Head comes in a Looped-End style and it is designed to withstand repeated laundering without shrinking or fading. Beyond getting the floor thoroughly cleaned, the mop also contains anti-microbial protection that will inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the floor. The mesh of the 5” headband is also PVC-coated to resist chemical and moisture penetration.

If you need a commercial-grade tool to mop and get rid of odor-causing bacteria in your work environment, the durable, eco-friendly, and affordable Rubbermaid Mop Head is your best bet!


If you’ll ever have to deal with harsh chemicals or need to protect yourself from infectious surfaces while at work, a vital item that needs to be included in your commercial cleaning supplies is the Boardwalk Nitrite Glove!

Whether you need to move items at the workplace from one point to another, or you will be handling harmful chemicals, you need to put on protective gloves to prevent your bare-hands from coming in contact with the dirty surfaces of whatever you are dealing with for your general safety.

The hand glove is made of a disposable black Nitrile material designed with the right strength for work and to the comfortability of the wearer. The glove is resistant to chemicals and cannot be easily punctured, which makes it safe for handling dangerous chemicals in the laboratory or for use in food service applications.

The glove is ASDM compliant and it is designed with a standard thumb style and a rolled wrist. It is latex-free and also free of industrial powder.

If you need a superior hand protection against hazardous chemicals and diseases when dealing with infectious surfaces, the Boardwalk Nitrile Glove guarantees that!


If you run an animal-based business, you will agree that once pathogens and odor-causing bacteria find their way into your facility, they get trapped with no way out. At other times when animals die and are not noticed on time, they tend to swell and burst, leaving the whole area with a very irritating odor.

Masking the odor with air fresheners in any of the above situations won’t help and will only make the smell worse as they can react with each other to generate even more harmful and irritable chemicals.

If you need a lasting an effective solution that can totally eradicate unpleasant odor including dog smells or pet urine on carpets, one of the commercial cleaning supplies that you should have around is OdoBan.

With OdoBan you can sanitize, disinfect and keep the environment of your animal-based businesses clean all the time. OdoBan is also capable of eliminating offensive odors from fabric materials and other hard, non-porous surfaces at your workplace or in your home.


Another item in our list of commercial cleaning supplies is the Boradwalk scouring pad which is perfect for removing tough stains from any surface including pans and pots. It is a mesh of resin, fiber, and mineral, and it is strong enough to scrape off tough stains and scuff marks from even tiles and concrete surfaces.

This product is an affordable scrubbing solution which can be handy when you need to remove all forms of stains at a commercial level. You can even use the Boardwalk Heavy-Duty Scour Pad for cleaning heavily stained food processing equipment. It also comes as a perfect alternative to the stainless steel scrubbers that sometimes feel too harsh.

We recommend that you add Boardwalk Heavy-Duty Scour Pad to your commercial cleaning supplies to handle tough cleaning jobs. The scouring pad comes in green color and feels very thick. You could even use this low-cost scour pad to polish metals for a good fit as it is truly heavy-duty.


For each time that we perceived a foul smell or a very unpalatable odor while at work, there must have been one or more bacteria present and breeding around or on a particular surface.

When cleaning procedures in the work environment are not frequent or become less adequate, the rooms and fabric materials within such as rugs, cushion, etc. will start to host these odor-generating bacteria.

In fact, the break room or restroom in the workplace will most likely have the highest odor issue due to the number of workers and customers that make use of it each day. Some members may carry the bacteria on their body unconsciously while they drop off without them knowing. Additionally, the bacteria will thrive well once there is a poor hygiene.

A common mistake is trying to eliminate a bad odor with air fresheners. Unfortunately, air fresheners don’t have the power to combat these bacteria, therefore, all they will be able to do is mask the odor. Sometimes it works, but as a temporal solution, while at other times, it makes matters worse by creating a more offensive odor.

To get to the root of the problem, you’ll need more than just making the room smell nice. You’ll have to terminate the growth of the bacteria in the fabric materials, and that can be achieved with commercial cleaning supplies like a refreshener.

Febreze Fabric Refreshener is one of our trusted commercial cleaning supplies and it’s entirely different from typical air freshening products as it is specially designed to eliminate very strong odor from all forms of fabrics while leaving behind a welcoming and attractive scent. It also has a deep penetrating power for maximum performance.

If you need more than just a short-term fix that will only mask the odor, you should try out Febreze Fabric Refreshener which is capable of totally eliminating the odor from its source by destroying the bacteria causing it.

Our Janitorial Supply Summary

What makes a cleaning product outstanding is when it delivers as promised, and achieves the tasks at hand with the least effort in the shortest possible time.

The 7 items on our list of commercial cleaning supplies are made by reputable companies and are commercial-grade. For this, they are trusted to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, yet very affordable without any compromise on quality.

Conclusively, it is worth the investment to have a clean work environment and healthy employees as this will not only boost the productivity of your small business but also entice prospective customers and make loyal clients feel safe and protected always!

25th Feb 2018

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