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What do odor eliminator style air fresheners like Airwick, Glade, and Yankee Candle all have in common?

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Commercial air fresheners, residential air fresheners, automatic air fresheners... we stock all the major odor control and air freshener supplies to tackle any tough smell in your home or office.

All types of businesses need air freshener refills and odor eliminators. Buildings, restaurants, restrooms, offices and stores get musty, stale and smelly with people coming in and out.

View the best refills for gel air freshener, oil, spray, and aerosol dispensers for the home or business. We carry products from Timemist, Air Wick, Big D, Rubbermaid, Glade, and Febreze at wholesale prices.

What about a car air freshener?

Many of our air freshener products can be used inside your car as well. Some customers have even used small automatic air fresheners inside their car as an odor eliminator, including those who have pets. Also, you can look at products like Oboban to help combat those smells as well. For the same price as you will pay for small air fresheners for your car, you can have more value for your money by buying in bulk and taking advantage of our Free Shipping on all orders over $50.

Air fresheners are the secret to a fresh commercial space. Keep your business smelling its best with air freshener dispensers. They release fragrance automatically, reducing labor costs and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for employees, customers and guests.

Wholesale Aromatic Dispensers

Ensure that your facility is always ready for business with wholesale air freshener dispensers that feature customizable spray controls. Some models include a selection of spray intervals, so it's easy to choose one that matches the foot-traffic levels in each room. To maximize the life of your air fresheners and odor care products, look for models with built-in smart chips; you can program the system to release fragrance according to your company's daily and weekly schedule.

Why You’ll Love These Commercial Air Freshener Dispensers

A commercial air freshener dispenser is easy to set up and operate, saving time and freeing up your janitorial team for more important tasks. All you need to do is load in a new cartridge; the dispenser takes care of the rest. Many models come with indicator lights that tell you when it's time for a refill or a new set of batteries. As long as your supply cabinet is stocked with wholesale air freshener supplies, you'll never need to worry about foul smells in the workplace.

Most commercial air fresheners are battery-powered, so you can mount them in any convenient spot. Use them alone, or combine them with evaporating and absorbent air fresheners or counteractants, deodorizers and digesters in bathrooms and other odor-prone areas. 

Bulk Ordering Air Freshener Supplies Made Easy

Wholesale Janitorial Supplies makes it easy to order bulk commercial air fresheners and wholesale deodorizers. Order individual units or bulk cartons to suit the size of your facility. Our secure shopping cart system provides a fast, easy checkout process, so you can restock in minutes and get back to work.

We understand that air fresheners are critical to employee and customer comfort, so we deliver most orders within 1-2 business days. In addition to our affordable wholesale prices, we're proud to offer free shipping any time you spend more than $100.

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