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There are several types of toilet paper rolls for your home and business. While you may just need a regular toilet paper roll at home, you most likely need a big toilet paper roll or jumbo roll toilet paper at your office, store or restaurant. Commercial toilet paper enables you to change the roll less frequently and keep your restrooms stocked. We carry the best wholesale toilet paper from brands you trust, such as Charmin, Angel Soft, Scott and Boardwalk.

What Is the Best Toilet Paper When Buying Wholesale Toilet Paper?

Is It Charmin? Angelsoft? Cottonelle? Or Something Better?

When buying bulk toilet paper, many people automatically think that buying wholesale toilet paper equates to a great value on cheap toilet paper. This may not be the case, as we explain below.

If you are someone who needs to find the best toilet paper but also cheap toilet paper, you may run into questions you have trouble answering. For those who order janitorial supplies and paper products for a home or office that has many people using the toilet, your cost for toilet paper can be one of your biggest expense that, literally, gets flushed down the toilet.

You can be cost conscious and not sacrifice quality when it comes to shopping for wholesale toilet paper. We take a look at the leading brands to help you see which brand will save you the most money.

Wholesale Janitorial Supply Value Comparison Chart
Standard 96 Roll Carton (Or Equivalent) 2-Ply Toilet Paper







Price Per Roll (96 Rolls)






Sheets Per Roll






Cost Per Sheet






Value Rank






Charmin Toilet Paper

When buying Charmin, you are paying more for a name than for value. While some enjoy the softness, the softness of this toilet paper comes with the sacrifice of value. As seen in our comparison chart, Charmin is one of the brands that provides the least amount of value based on the way they manufacture their product. Charmin ranks the lowest in value in our comparison with the cost per sheet being 4 times that of Boardwalk and over 2 times on Windsoft largely because there is less than half of the number of sheets per roll compared to some of the other brands.

Angelsoft Toilet Paper

Another contender in the world of best toilet paper is Angelsoft, another largely sought after brand. Buying Angelsoft in bulk does provide a small level of savings, but in this case there is a marginal savings when compared to Charmin, but little else. The amount of sheets per roll is drastically better than Charmin but the cost per sheet of Angelsoft is still 3 times more than Boardwalk toilet paper and twice that of Windsoft.

Cottonelle Toilet Paper

Contonelle seems to be almost equally on par as far as value as Angelsoft when it comes to overall value on wholesale toilet paper. Oddly, Cottonelle decided on a very odd number of 451 sheets per roll which gives you 4,896 more sheet per 96 roll carton when compared to a stadard carton of 400 sheet rolls. Even then, Cottonelle comes in the slightly better in value next to Angelsoft with a very marginal difference in price per sheet.

Windsoft Toilet Paper

Windsoft toilet paper comes in as one of the best brands offering high value for those shopping for cheap toilet paper. One of the main wholesale toilet paper brands, the quality of Windsoft is very similar to Angelsoft or Cottonelle with a much nicer price. Only slightly more expensive than Boardwalk, Windsoft is a great toilet paper option for those who are looking for a healthy mixture of value and softness that is comparable to the likes of Charmin toilet paper.

Boardwalk Toilet Paper

When it comes to cheap toilet paper, Boardwalk is one of the best ways to go if you want to find value AND quality in toilet tissue. Boardwalk is a brand very few know about unless they are in a position that requires purchasing bulk toilet paper or other paper products. Because they spend less in advertising and marketing, this savings on toilet paper is passed on to the consumer. From a value perspective, Boardwalk is the best choice for those seeking the ultimate value in buying bulk toilet paper.

Long Story Short…

Since toilet paper is literally money thrown away, walking away from name brands like Charmin and Angelsoft is the best option for those looking for the highest value in buying wholesale toilet paper. That being said, given the data above, Boardwalk and Windsoft are both ideal option for the person looking for the best toilet paper at wholesale prices. Combine that with Wholesale Janitorial Supply’s free shipping on orders over $50, you are going to save even more when compared to other places online.


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