Brian Greenberg

As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, he believes in building integrity into everything he does, operating a business for the long term with a strong reputation and a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Originally from Highland Park, IL, Brian and his family moved to Scottsdale, AZ when he was 18 years old. His father, Elliott, and his grandparents on both sides, were all entrepreneurs, so it was only natural that he, too, would develop an interest in starting his own business.

At the University of Arizona, Brian majored in both Entrepreneurship and Marketing and was accepted into the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, one of the top three programs of its kind in the country.

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Elliott Greenberg

His varied professional career, now spanning over 40 years, has always included a common thread—the commitment to excellence in product development and exceptional customer service.

It’s a philosophy he has carried throughout his lifetime and one that he still stands by today.

“Anybody can buy our janitorial supplies at wholesale prices”, he said. “Not only are our prices wholesale to the general public, but we use only professional-grade products from major brands, which are a better value for you and a better product than you will find at a retail store like Walmart or Costco. They also come in professional sizes, with no limits on how much of a product you can purchase.”.

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Adrienne Pacheco
Sales / Customer representative

As our Director of Customer Service, Adrienne is responsible for handling your orders and answering any question you may have about navigating our websites.


Ben Peetermans
Designer / Developer

At a young age, Ben discovered his passion for website design, graphic design, and online user experience.

Over the last 8 years, Ben has been working as an individual and as a team member for hundreds of clients, in over 14 countries. Always expanding his skillset to provide high quality results using a wide range of softwares, coding languages and multiple platforms.

When work related stress takes the upperhand, Ben enjoys the serenity of the outdoors.

He feels blessed to be able to do what he loves on a daily basis, and being happily married!

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